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Welcome to the world of from Leslie Bunder and Caroline Westbrook.

Leslie and Caroline (try hard to) write non-stereotypical material that embraces and celebrates Jewish life with a hint of irony and several thousand years of persecution.

Check out! - Don't Mention The J Word, a work in progress stage comedy is now up on the site. Click here to read it

What the press say - Jewish Chronicle newspaper writes about Click here to read it

This is a constant evolving site and we hope you will click on the links :)

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If you like our stuff and it makes you giggle, smile or smirk, let us know! And if you have any friends working in TV, theatre, film or radio, let them know as well! We are after all part of the global Jewish conspiracy theory and anything that helps in developing this is very much welcomed.

If you are an artist or performer and you feel you want to be subjected to play any of the characters that Leslie and Caroline have devised, or you want to work with us, then get in touch as well.

You can e-mail us at: